On the way into the eye of the storm

When disaster strikes, all helping hands are needed. Time plays an essential role here, as the first 72 hours after a disaster are crucial. The logistics must function smoothly so that the affected population can be rescued and supplied quickly.

Logistics Support Unit

Humanitarian logistics are crucial to providing life-saving aid in disasters. It requires close cooperation between all parties involved and efficient coordination. Fast and effective help for those affected can only be guaranteed if all the cogs mesh together.

In the event of a disaster, organizations often reach their limits when it comes to logistics due to their complexity and lack of expertise. This is where we use our expertise to support them.

Our services include the organization of transports, procurement of relief supplies and efficient storage and management of these goods using our warehouse management system. We also optimize existing logistics systems.

Infrastructure Unit

Our versatile rescue balloon will support our work in future in the event of a disaster. Thanks to its innovative design, it can lift for example heavy debris after an earthquake and transport it away. The balloon also provides lighting for rescue teams or the transportation of relief supplies. A complementary unit for rescuing people in hard-to-reach areas is currently being developed.

Sounds exciting? Our team welcomes engineers who would like to assist with further research and development. We are open to alternative use cases. Do you want to use the balloon for research purposes or test it in environmental missions? Feel free to contact us!

Insights into our operations

Support us

Do you want to make a difference too? Then support our work – every contribution helps to make a positive change in the world. Whether you push us with a donation, become a member of the association or contribute your skills as a volunteer: our motivation for humanitarian projects is huge and with your support it will be successful.

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