Sea transportation

If you want to ship large quantities and are not under time pressure, the sea route is a reliable transportation option for your relief goods.

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Shipping goods by sea freight is particularly advantageous when transporting large donations in kind for development aid. Because both transportation and handling costs during cargo turnover are relatively low. This leaves more money for the aid itself.

In contrast to air freight, sea freight is also much more environmentally friendly. While sea freight is often considered slow, even in emergency situations, maritime aid can be advantageous if airport infrastructure is unavailable or overwhelmed.”

For sustainable, cyclical development aid, we rely as far as possible on sea freight for the best possible time-cost efficiency of aid transportation. These relief supplies include everyday items that are not needed immediately, such as textiles, machinery or vehicles.

The professional expertise of our teams ensures that you receive support with the seaworthy packaging of all goods, preparation of the necessary documentation and detailed scheduling.

Looking for a master in sea transportation?

Shipping large quantities of goods? The sea route is the ideal choice. Our team ensures packaging, documentation, scheduling and everything else.

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