Air transportation

If things need to move super fast, air transport is the best way to get your aid to its destination. Especially in the event of a disaster or for perishable or urgently needed goods, there is virtually no alternative to air transportation.

Get your air freight on its flight

Where it takes several days or weeks to deliver a shipment by land or sea, an airplane only needs hours. In addition, transportation is more reliable and generally safer.

Unfortunately, however, air freight is the most expensive form of transportation and pollutes the environment the most. The process requires targeted planning and a certain infrastructure. Airports and land transportation for pre and on carriage are needed.

Together with you, we weigh up the pros and cons, ensure smooth transportation and foster cost efficiency. We primarily use air freight for disaster relief shipments. But we also rely on the speed and reliability of air freight for urgent shipments for development aid and charitable activities.

Looking for an air transportation master?

Getting to your destination as fast as possilbe no matter what is sometimes the only option. Regardless of whether you need to transport emergency or high-value goods, we know our way around and have the right partners for speedy deliveries.

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