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Optimized, software-supported processes make many things possible. From accounting and donation management to data management – we know your challenges in detail and support you with our expertise and open source tools. This allows you to focus on your purpose.

You need help digitizing your processes? We are a one-stop shop and our solutions are a perfect match.

Our software solutions are based on excellent technical know-how and many years of experience in dealing with the digital challenges of non-profit organizations and purpose-driven companies. The following areas have proven their value.

Process optimization

Inefficient processes make your team dissatisfied, drain your batteries and slow down your impact. We help you to identify and simplify these processes. So you can use your resources where they are really needed.

Software development

Would you like a software that maps your processes the way they are running? Without falling into the cost trap of constant extensions? Open source software is your solution! Together we will work out the best option for you – always keeping an eye on costs and efficiency.

Software implementation

We design the systems in a way that fits your organization like a second skin. Our specific expertise and our good network help us in particular: the knowledge of our community solves every problem.

Training and support

We hand over the fully implemented software systems to your employees, the so-called key users, who receive needs-based training from us. The advantage? This solution saves time and ensures a high level of self-solving capability. The key users transfer information into the organization and act as first-level support for problems and queries of their peers.

Server Hosting

Our servers are located in Germany, are powered by green electricity and comply with data protection regulations. Depending on your needs, requirements and budget, we can provide you with your servers in a shared (shared hosting) or individual (dedicated hosting) infrastructure.

Get in touch today and we'll find answers to all your digital questions.

We develop the entire process for you – from software implementation to hosting, we have individual solutions for non-profit organizations and purpose-driven companies.

Our tools

This is how we work on your organizantions digital fitness


Odoo Community Edition

The open source management software that packs a punch! Thanks to its modular setup with many features, it can be used for all organizational areas. Freely expandable, simple, modern.

Developed for for-profit organizations, the Odoo Community Edition with all its extensions provides the perfect basis for the digitalization of our partner organizations that have a commercial legal form.



Our software solution is based on the Odoo Community Edition and enables the development of additional modules and customizations for non-profit organizations.

This enables us to create a fully-fledged management suite for our partner organizations with a non-profit legal form. Another advantage: small non-profits benefit from open source developments from the commercial sector.



The free content management system is widely used, easy to set up and offers countless extensions, themes and plug-ins. As an open source project, it is also constantly being improved.

The user-friendliness, flexibility and large community offer further advantages that you can use for your project. There are also virtually no limits to the possible areas of application. This is how we get your website under control.

Our software and digitalization projects

Software props

The team has extensive specialist knowledge and can therefore tackle complex tasks efficiently. True to the motto ‘Nothing is impossible!

Verena Schulte, Hanseatische Materialverwaltung gGmbH

Their expertise enabled solutions that were perfectly tailored to our needs. This enabled us to optimize our logistics, accounting, donation and website processes.

Georg Schorn, Bon Secours Kamerun e.V.

Your organization, our solutions: Perfect symbiosis!

Optimizing processes, designing software, advancing websites. We are your experts for digital power. Ready for the next step?

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