Get to know our types of commitment.

We don’t just use our skills to take you to the next level in terms of digitalization and logistics. We also put our heads together when it comes to innovation, networks and knowledge hubs.

Emergency Response

Our focus is on emergency logistics and emergency infrastructure support. For example, we support emergency medical teams in setting up field camps in crisis regions and contribute expertise, workforce and software to keep processes flowing.


Our vision goes beyond the existing: we want to break new ground and think emergency response further. Our lighthouse project is the use of lighter-than-air technology in the form of the portable humanilog rescue ballon system. However, we are also happy to contribute our expertise to scientific collaborations.

Purchasing Support

Our volunteer team supports non-profit organizations with procurement projects. From supplier research and selection to the procurement process and subsequent reporting. Our digital tools simplify the process considerably.

Donations in kind

Where to put your donations in kind? We help you to ensure that the donations you collect reach your favorite project abroad. Are you a company and have you already chosen a specific project? Or have you collected a large amount and would now like to distribute it fairly? We are your single point of contact and take care of the allocation to verified NPOs. But you can also contact us if you are an NPO looking for donations in kind.

Assumption of transportation costs

Again and again, great projects, especially of small organisations, fail because the cost of transport exceeds the budget. We have a donation pot precisely for these cases. Would you like to help fill it or submit an application for transportation costs yourself? Then choose your option:

What our committed employees say

I join humanilog to put my professional skills to good use in humanitarian projects.

Mela Koser, Purchasing & Procurement Specialist

humanilog’s approach closes a logistical gap between industry and disaster control. It is a pleasure to work with such highly qualified and committed people.

Alexander von Gablenz, Board Member for Search and Rescue Logistics

How can we improve together and create a tomorrow worth living?

We are convinced that today’s challenges can only be solved as a team and when knowledge and expertise are available to everyone. That is why our commitment goes far beyond the mere processing of orders. We are immediately active where help is needed, supporting organizations with donations and volunteer work that would otherwise not be able to afford projects.

Support us

Do you want to make a difference too? Then support our work – every contribution helps to make a positive change in the world. Whether you push us with a donation, become a member of the association or contribute your skills as a volunteer: our motivation for humanitarian projects is huge and with your support it will be successful.

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