Become part of the humanilog balloon team!

We are looking for dedicated people to help with our innovative balloon crane system for recovery work. Are you motivated and ready to tackle an emergency situation? Then get in touch with us!

What makes our balloon so special

Transporting heavy goods from A to B

In the event of natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, the affected areas are often difficult or impossible to reach. The balloon crane system transports materials such as sandbags up to 200 meters to their destination. Obstacles can also be overcome to get people and materials to their destination.

Fast setup for efficient assistance

The emergency team can set up the rescue system within an hour. The balloon is capable of lifting a weight of up to one ton without any load on the ground. This feature can be life-saving, especially in earthquake zones: it is suitable for lifting rubble but also for evacuating people.

Flexibly customizable application options

The rescue system requires very little fuel for the engine winches and therefore allows even long deployment times. Thanks to its low weight and compact design, the entire system is very flexible and mobile. Perfect for supplementing the challenging work of the emergency services. The different configurations allow the application in various scenarios.

We are looking for committed people for the rescue

We offer you exciting training in Hamburg with a great team.

What you can look forward to

What you can expect

What you should ideally bring with you

You don't see yourself actively involved? Then support our balloon project with a donation!

We have various areas that you can support with your donation.

Equipment for the humanilog rescue balloon

We still need material to carry out further training and prepare for the first deployment.

Among other things, we need donations for our training balloon, as it is worth buying in the long term. We can also spare our current humanilog rescue balloon. We are also in need of donations for a trailer, IBC containers, round slings, lashing straps, ratchets and a high-quality lamp for our lighting unit.

Support training for our rescue balloons

We have already successfully completed three training sessions this year (2023) with the help of donations. Next year are
further training sessions are planned in various areas to prepare us for different deployment scenarios and to continuously improve the system.

Among other things, we need donations for the hydrogen bundles, training courses and travel, accommodation and catering costs for the volunteers involved.

Become part of the humanilog balloon crane training program

You want to make a difference too? Then be part of it!

  • Balloon crane training for use in disaster areas
  • Voluntary and commitment-based organization
  • Physical resilience required
  • Who: humanilog team + volunteers
  • Where: Hamburg
  • When: regular appointments, approx. 1x per month

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