Behind the scenes

… is in front of the scenes for us. Working transparently, respectfully and on an equal footing is particularly important to us. And the values and projects we are committed to even more so.

Vision, mission, values

Our vision? That one day our work will no longer be necessary because intolerance, inequality and social injustice will be a thing of the past.

Until then, our mission remains to make our expertise in logistics and IT available to like-minded people in order to help people and organizations in need to solve the problems of our time.

With research and innovative projects, we are driving forward the sustainable improvement of the humanitarian supply chain and emergency response. In doing so, we never lose sight of humanity and remain transparent and independent.

Why are we doing all this sh...?

Admittedly: Saving the world is a mammoth task and far more than a full-time job. And in addition to the many incredibly important tasks, too little attention is often paid to logistics and software. The consequence? Unstructured processes, inefficiency and higher costs.

We want to change that! After all, such a mammoth task cannot be accomplished without the right partnerships. We are your partner when it comes to making your internal processes fit for all challenges. We live your values and have a common goal in mind – a tomorrow worth living.

This is humanilog.

We are a team of solution-oriented and highly motivated full-time and volunteer idealists who are passionate about their projects and contribute everything they have to offer. Our nearly 40 employees work full or part-time, as freelancers or volunteers.

Our diverse range also requires diverse skills. That’s why we offer everything from logistics to software, marketing, design, technology and linguistics. But we also need people who “just” lend a hand.

We want to offer a place where everyone can get involved, contribute and make a difference. At the same time, our team is spread all over Germany. New Work is a matter of course for us – our motivation comes from within and from all over the world.

Join us as a volunteer ​

We live from the pool knowledge of our team! Are you a logistician or techie and want to get involved alongside your full-time job? We have lots of opportunities and exciting topics. Whether you’re looking for a temporary project or a long-term commitment – you’ll find what you’re looking for here. If our topics inspire you, join in!

About Humanilog

Since our foundation in 2014, we have transported everything by all means to the most remote destinations in the world. Ok, … at least almost everything: but everything from sustainable condoms to composting toilets and ambulances was included.

From day one, it was important to us not to waste any resources. That’s why we relied on open-source software right from the start in order to organize ourselves in the most optimized and digitalized way possible. As a result, we became the “digital poster boy” in our network and soon became a professional problem solver for digitalization and process optimization.

Along the way, we have gathered worldwide expertise to get your goods safely from A to B with our tried-and-tested transport partners. And if necessary, even a little further.

Whether by air, land or sea: we provide you with the best combination to suit your needs – depending on the route and the focus on costs or time. And we also think about sustainability for you.

You are not looking for "just another job"?

You have your heart and brain in the right place? You are not afraid of hectic days and you are ready to burn for a good cause? Do you recognize yourself with us? Don’t waste any time and get in touch!

We have enough work:

Do you have a mandatory internship at university coming up or do you want to spend the semester break on more than just vacation and partying? Why don’t you try us out? 

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Do you want to use your working student job not only to boost your wallet and pimp your CV, but also to collect karma points? Join our team!

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Do you nerd out hard on logistics? Then work with us to build and manage innovative, sustainable supply chains of the future.

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Do you like playing technology-tetris and being a Programming puppet master? Processes power your pulse and optimization is your opus? Whether functional, techie or somewhere in the middle – join us and fuel the organizational engine of our partners with digital rocket fuel!

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No experience in any of the fields yet? But you are enthusiastic about our work and think you can enrich it? We also give career changers a chance. Let’s go!

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Facts from the team

Working with humanilog is never boring – the exchange with the most diverse people, organizations and cultures in combination with the values of humanilog makes it a versatile and exciting job

Tanya Leeuw, Logistics Coordination student trainee

Humanilog stands for social responsibility and transparency in logistics, making logistics more than just profit-oriented transportation from A to B.

Lukas Wiechmann, Logistics Engineer & Solution Designer

Here I have the opportunity to think outside the box and learn new skills that not only benefit the organization and myself, but also bring about positive change on a social, environmental and humanitarian level.

Gina Pihera, Process Analyst & Implementation Manager

I am at humanilog because humanitarian logistics plays a central role in the humanitarian sector and I like to support other NPOs around the world with our know-how.

Zeineb Ghanemi, Emergency Manager, Strategic & Operational Logistics

I am with humanilog because I firmly believe that effective financial management is the base for successful humanitarian work. I am proud to make a contribution that can improve the lives of people in need.

Manuel Fräßdorf, responsible for accounting & finance


Our annual reports give you a detailed insight into our work. We show you the highlights from the areas of logistics, software and commitment, but are also self-critical and take a look at how we can become even better.

With these reports, we make our work transparent and show you how diverse and individual our projects are every year.

Support us

You want to make a difference too? Support our work – every contribution helps to make the world a little bit better. Whether you push us with a donation, become a member of the association or contribute your skills as a volunteer: our motivation for humanitarian projects is huge and with your support it will be successful.

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