We plan and manage the logistics for your projects

As total logistics nerds, we take on your transport and storage challenges – Not for Profit for like-minded individuals.

What shipping documents do you need for Cameroon? What are the customs regulations in Nepal? How should you pack your relief goods for sea freight?

We have transported everything through various means to the most remote destinations – or at least almost everything: from sustainable condoms and compost toilets to rescue vehicles, we’ve had it all. We have gathered global expertise for you to move your passion projects from A to B. And if necessary, even a little further.

Logistics Operations

Whether by air, land or sea: we provide you with the best combination to suit your needs – depending on the route and the focus on costs or time. And we also think about sustainability for you.

From world leaders to small family-run carriers – we have a vast network and compose the perfectly fitting supply chain melody for you. And we plan the storage for you at the same time.

Supply Chain Optimization

We are happy to take a strategic look at your supply chain with you and advise on areas where you can optimize further. For example, with regard to the choice of mode of transport, route optimization and storage and packaging strategies.

The better supply chain

Logistics is not good for the environment and is often anything but fair. Changing this is more than just a 1000-step journey and the most sustainable transportation is the one that never took place. That’s why we strive to avoid every unnecessary mile, always opting for the least harmful mode of transportation in our planning, consolidating shipments, and practicing more environmentally-friendly storage. We stand up for fair working conditions and work towards a better logistics world of tomorrow, a little bit every day.

Get in touch today and we'll find answers to all your logistical questions.

We plan and manage your logistics projects. Together with your non-profit organization or your purpose-driven company, we develop individual solutions for transport and storage.

Recommendations in terms of logistics

When it comes to logistical challenges, I trust humanilog. No matter how crazy the task – the team always finds a solution. Competent, human, friendly!

Benny Adrion, Viva con Agua Sankt Pauli e.V.

We strive to fulfill our responsibility along the supply chain. Humanilog competently addresses all the challenges of land transport that we face.

Alex Morlang, einhorn products GmbH

The concept of a full-service provider in the field of logistics for humanitarian and social purposes fills a gap and provides NGOs with the opportunity to outsource this area completely and entrust it to professional hands.

Daniel Bücher, the Multivision e.V.

humanilog has delivered every one of our shipments safely to its destination so far. This not only delights our members but, in particular, those in need in Malawi.

Daniel Dank, Malawi Goodlife e.V.

Hand in hand for your logistics!

You have big plans, but logistics is holding you back? We make sure that your ideas are carried out into the world. From shipping documents to sustainable storage – we have the solutions. Let’s move your organization forward together!

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