Annual report 2019

A warm hello from Hamburg!

Annual report 2019

A warm hello from Hamburg!

We are your specialist for non-profit services. With our global network, we build the bridge for you between logistics, software and communication.

On the one hand, our products and services offer you the organization and handling of all logistical processes that your not-for-profit operation requires. We design our open source software with the same passion that we dedicate to your logistics projects. Efficiently simplifying and structuring workflows, it is constantly evolving – by everyone, for everyone.

We provide you with a network and support through our expertise. This enables us to provide you with an optimized service offering that reduces your costs and improves your service – for the sustainable development of your supply chain.

On the other hand, we connect people who have the same skills, values and visions as we do. We want to connect people and share knowledge so that our world can become a sustainable, liveable place for us and the people of tomorrow.

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The outlook for the upcoming year reveals: We have set ambitious goals for 2020 as well because we are far from reaching our goal! We want to connect even more people who share our vision and values – that’s why we are working tirelessly on openAnt and constantly improving our service offering.

Our new website is ready to launch, just like our rescue balloon AirKules. And we can already tell you this much: The talks with Cadus e.V. will finally allow us to take off and get a big step closer to our equipment pool for rescue organizations! Logistics is also ready and looking forward to implementing many successful transport projects in 2020.

Together with you, we would like to position our non-profit services for the future. Aligned with the needs and challenges of the community, our collective hub for logistics, software and communication is growing a little more every day.

We look forward to the coming year with you and all our partners.

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