Annual report 2020

Making a difference when the world stands still.

Annual report 2020

Making a difference when the world stands still.

Dear members and supporters,

I am probably not exaggerating when I say that 2020 has forever changed the world as we know it. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and claimed nearly two million lives. The consequences of COVID-19 are not yet foreseeable – for instance, the United Nations children’s agency warns that hunger, poverty, and educational inequality will dramatically increase due to the pandemic.

Lockdowns, travel restrictions and curfews have presented our work with enormous challenges. At the same time, smooth humanitarian logistics were another crucial factor in the fight against the virus. It is therefore not surprising that we were also involved in the transportation of relief supplies to protect against COVID-19.

Nevertheless, we have taken a major step forward in our international cooperation: Together with CADUS e.V., we launched the “Emergency Response Network” to coordinate emergency operations even better and faster. We didn’t expect the initiative to face its first real test so soon.

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An incredibly eventful and intense year comes to an end. The world is pinning all its hopes on the vaccines against COVID-19 and an early return to normality. I wonder what normality that will be – whether it will be the “old” one again or whether a new, different one might not be better. Shouldn’t the world’s population take advantage of this rare opportunity to reset the old systems? Because updates for a sustainable, appreciative togetherness would be urgently needed.

Our humanitarian work will continue in 2021. With the “Emergency Response Network”, we have laid a foundation that will influence our projects for the next years. We also have a lot to look forward to in terms of software, but who wants to spoil anything. We can already reveal this much: The projects revolve around education and reducing emissions in the context of sustainability.

Together with you, we want to position our organization for the future. Aligned with the needs and challenges of the community, our collective hub for logistics, software and communication is growing a little more every day.
We look forward to the coming year with you and all our partners.

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