We are always on the lookout for new ideas and optimization proposals. That is why we support research projects that deal with all aspects of humanitarian logistics.

Why is research important?

Efficient, detailed logistics planning is the base for every successful charitable project. But for a long time, their relevance for humanitarian supplies was underestimated. For this reason, research and development approaches have so far been sporadic or uncoordinated.

We use our expertise to drive innovation in humanitarian logistics. To this end, we generate financial resources and bundle and channel research projects. Our aim is to form a network of research institutions, logistics companies and non-profit organizations in order to transfer the knowledge gained into practice.

Humanitarian logistics simulation games

This research area deals with the new and further development of business games in the field of humanitarian logistics. The business games serve as a practical simulation of decisions and their logistical consequences. They also highlight factors influencing humanitarian logistics and illustrate their impact on logistics companies.

Network optimization in Ethiopia

This research project is dedicated to humanitarian work in Ethiopia. The project develops plans for humanitarian distribution and deviation reactions. Once the tool is completed, it can be used by humanitarian actors to optimize the performance of the transportation network in Ethiopia.

Route planning in Eastern Africa

This project combines port congestion models with various other network optimization models to select the optimal transportation corridor. The tool is used to automate the distribution of relief supplies, making it more efficient. It also calculates the availability of relief supplies on a daily basis, which makes it possible to plan costs more efficiently in advance and reduce them.

Global relief supplies planning

We have already transported everything to the most remote destinations – or at least almost: from sustainable condoms and composting toilets to ambulances. We have gathered worldwide expertise for you to get your goods safely from A to B with our proven transport partners. And if necessary, even a little further.
Whether by air, land or sea: we provide you with the best combination to suit your needs – depending on the route and the focus on costs or time. And we also think about sustainability for you.


As part of this research project, we worked with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) to investigate the potential use of air transportation systems. In particular, vertical take-offs on the last transport routes were considered in disaster or crisis situations.

Coordinated by the Fraunhofer IML, 40 experts from 13 different countries were involved in the project. These included users of disaster management solutions, those involved in disaster relief and reconstruction, those supporting air transport operations and manufacturers of air transport systems.

You want to do research and need support?

We support you in your projects. Whether it’s a project, a thesis or even a dissertation, we are at your disposal with our know-how and network wherever we can

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